What are the benefits of being an electrician?

Unemployment, unemployment and unemployment – it’s become the most overused word by the media in the UK. Maybe they’re right – after all, there are over 7.2% of the actively able population unemployed at this present time. So what are the benefits of being or becoming an electrician in this current climate? To start, one of the surviving industries since the economic crash has been that of the electrical trade – still showing high demand despite the fall in demand for other industries around it.

Electricians can make steady and stable rates of salary – regularly climbing as high as £30,000 per year – and that doesn’t include overtime pay to boot. There is constant demand for installation, maintenance and repair work on a multitude and variety of electrical projects – surrounding those of home owners and businesses across the UK.

The salary itself is usually determined on a number of factors including; the type of job they take on, the level of qualifications held by that particular engineer and the number of years they have been developing their trade. The obvious choice for many seasoned electricians is to become self-employed and tackle the market without the backing and support of a larger company behind them – this can potentially make them more money but lack in terms of things like paid holidays and other benefits such as company car or healthcare.

Many electricians will select a specialty that they focus on – whether it is mining, manufacturing, construction, building, energy or water supply industries; jobs are more focused in these different sectors.

There also seems to be a shortage of skilled workers in the UK, not all in line with the electrician industry but the number is still great enough not to be ignored. What this means for electricians in Manchester, London, Liverpool and all across the UK is that anyone thinking of becoming an electrician will be more than likely inundated with workload – due to the high demand and limited supply of electricians – which will be very satisfying in terms of; building a reputation for themselves with clientele they deal with on a regular basis and also a rewarding rate of salary.

Being an electrician also offers mental abilities such as interpreting electrical or electronic drawings and defining wiring layouts in addition to the obvious physical skills including use of various sophisticated equipment and electrical projects.

Being an electrician allows for a diverse and varying work environment with numerous individual jobs being a part of many electricians average working weeks. Your typical electrician can effortlessly move from outdoor projects such as supply cables and street lighting to indoor projects including buildings under construction or residential projects. This diversity can differ subject to the focus of the electrician with electrical jobs arising anywhere from commercial, housing, industrial and mining sectors.

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