As a part of our installation services and in line with design criteria we carry a series of electrical safety testing to the installed cabling and circuits. This ensures that as the installation process is undertaken we gradually and in the required sequence are sure that all works are safe and meet relevant standards.

On completion of an installation we present either an installation certificate or include this in a user manual with details of all equipment fitted.

Further to installation testing we offer Electrical Installation Condition Reporting, EICR’s. This is inspecting existing installations often 3 yearly for industrial sites or 5 years for commercial.

These reports are to establish and identfy:

  • Circuits not overloaded
  • Any potential shock or fire risks
  • Earthing is safe and adequate
  • Defective works

On our commercial and industrial part of the business the EICR is often undertaken as an insurance requirement to our clients or when a landlord has a change of occupant.

The Residential EICR’s need to be carried out 10 yearly or upon change of occupancy if a house is being let by a landlord then every change of occupancy.

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