IT Services from A&P Electrical UK

Any company in the Manchester area that needs a professional installation of data and network cabling in their premises should consult the local experts in the field. A&P Electrical UK Ltd. have the expertise and experience that you are looking for to guarantee a top quality job at a very reasonable cost.  Having installed the cabling to your exact specifications we will then thoroughly test it to make sure the new network is fit for purpose.  Our customers never have to worry that as soon as we are clear of the premises everything will come to a sudden stop.

We guarantee that once a network is installed it will be secure and robust enough to continue working indefinitely. Just to make sure that it does precisely that we can offer you a maintenance schedule so that we can keep a check on the serviceability of the whole network.  Should any adjustments or replacements become necessary we can take care of that straight away.  We appreciate that your business cannot afford to have periods of computer down time so we will work tirelessly to ensure that everything is as it should be.

We have a long list of happy clients that have enjoyed the benefits of our services for many years and we would be very happy to share the testimonials written by them with you. In the testimonials section of our website you can find many of our satisfied customers and we would like to invite you to take a look today to see how we can help you.  As soon as we receive your call we will be happy to make arrangements to visit you to discuss your requirements. This initial consultation, lasting about half an hour, is entirely free of charge, as would be the no-obligation quotation that we give you.

We have the talent at our disposal to handle any kind of installation.  It might be something small on the scale of a limited local area network (LAN) that links just a few offices together within the same building or something on a much grander scale.  A recent addition to the world of data networking from market leading company Legrand is the new Mighty Mo® 20 rack system that is designed to service any size of LAN, storage area network (SAN) or data centre.  This is a new innovation that can accommodate both copper and fibrecabling and will support any network equipment.

Cabling and data installations is a sector of the business that never stands still and we at A&P Electrical UK Ltd are proud to say that we will always stay ahead of any new developments and innovations that come up.  Our technicians are just as happy working on electrical installations in large industrial or commercial areas as on a small residential job.  We will see the job through from drawing board to completion.  It doesn’t matter if it is a job that needs miles of cabling or one in a private house networking a few devices together.  Give us a call today and our friendly customer services people will be happy to discuss your needs.

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