Security Systems From A&P Electrical

It’s an unfortunate sign of the times, perhaps, that so many people feel the need to install security systems either in their homes or business premises.  When you think about it though, it is a sensible course of action to take.  For a relatively modest outlay, you can give yourself a lot of peace of mind knowing that even if you are not at home, or it is outside of working hours, your premises will be protected.  Whether you need sophisticated security lighting or state of the art alarm systems, or perhaps the simplest of intruder alarms, you can rely on A&P Electrical UK Ltd to give you the best advice and service.

Our company is a market leader in the Greater Manchester region and our specialist installers are qualified to deal with any kind of security configuration that a client requires.  In addition to the above mentioned, we can also provide an effective fire alarm system however big the premises may be.  Our superb installations can be linked to the emergency services, giving you that extra bit of reassurance. In the domestic situation how about a smoke or CO2 detection system that will protect you while you sleep, alerting you instantly if there is a problem?  This is not just a useful home improvement – it could potentially save the lives of you and your entire family.

We will be very happy to tailor any security system to your exact specification, but we don’t stop there.  We also provide a monitoring service.  The electronics are so smart nowadays that we can get notification the very moment that something is triggered within the system.  It needn’t necessarily be anyone up to no good – it could be just a minor glitch, maybe triggered by a spike in the electrical supply or some inclement thundery weather.  Whatever happens we will investigate it immediately.  We put such monitoring services in place for your peace of mind, 24/7.  It’s all part of the service!

Many clients have enjoyed the benefits of our services for many years and we would be very happy to share testimonials written by them with you.  You can find examples of these on our testimonials page and we would invite you to take a look there today to see how we can help you.  As soon as we receive your call we will be happy to make arrangements to visit you at your home or business premises to discuss your requirements. This initial consultation, lasting about half an hour, is entirely free of charge, as would be the no-obligation quotation that we give you.

Once you have made the wise decision to use our services you will also enjoy a customer service backup that is second to none.  If you should have any concerns or questions about our workmanship we will be very happy to discuss them with you and, if necessary, come out again to put it right if something is not exactly as it should be.  We believe in looking after our customers, and that is a lifetime commitment.

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